Oysters - Maldon and Native Oysters from Essex

Richard Emans harvests some of the finest local oysters available on the River Black Water. We can't wait to blow you away with their delicious, fresh flavour!

Lambs - Beatbush Organic Farm

Toby and Nicola Bulgin will be supplying us with some fantastic Romney breed organic lamb over the summer.  The sheep thrive on grass based systems. Beatbush farm is part of a scheme with 'Natural England', and have won a 'highly commended' status in the RSPB Nature of Farming Awards 2012. They aim to continue to manage the farm with the Environment in mind….Toby and Nicola, we salute you!

beatbush lamb pic.jpg

Pigs - Wicks Manor Pig Farm

Fergus and his team will be providing our restaurant with some fantastic Maldon Pork this summer. They grow and Mill al of their own wheat and barley to ensure the pig's food is premium quality, and are housed in open straw yards to encourage natural behaviour and deliver a premium quality pork product. 

Pork supplier- wicks manor- Fergus.jpg
paul chambers- game.jpeg

Game - Paul Chambers

My good friend Paul Chambers will be shooting all my game for me this summer in Hertfordshire. From Muntjac to Wild rabbits, big PC's your man!


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